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What is Baseball Game?
Baseball NewsIf there is one well-known and highly reputable game in America, it is none other than baseball. This bat and ball game is being played by 2 teams were in each team is composed of 9 players. Every team has their turn in fielding and battling, but guest team is given the opportunity to serve first. For offense team to gain score, they must run counter clockwise on 4 bases this includes home plate, 1st base, 2nd base, and 3rd base. Each run receive score once player advances around the bases and return to home plate.

Players of batting team are obligated to take their turns in hitting against “pitcher” of the fielding team that also attempt to suspend runs by getting the hitter out of the game using several actions. On the other hand, batting team player need to safely reach the based for them to advance on the next bases while other teammates take their turn in batting.

The Major Baseball League Season –2015 Baseball Schedule

The Major Baseball League Season of 2015 stated last April 5 with Sunday-Night game among Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals at the Wrigley Field and will end on October 4, 2015. The 86th edition of Major Baseball League All Star Games was held last July 14 (Tuesday ) in Cincinnati Ohio at Great American Ballpark, this is the home of Cincinnati Reds.

American League has won the game with 6-3 to give home field American League advantage in World Series. This year, “Los Angeles Dodgers” hosted the yearly “Civil Rights Game” on April 15, 2015 against Seattle Mariners. This is the first time that game was held in Jackie Robinson’s Day and Dodgers have won the game for having 5-2 scores. In addition, this had also been the “Rob Manfred” 1st season serving as Baseball Commissioner. This year marks the 2nd yeas of MLB 8 year deal with ESPN, TBS, and Fox Sports. Fox will be the one to televise their Saturday-Night game for 8 consecutive weeks leading to All Star Games.

Base on baseball news 2014 case, baseball teams had been scheduled to play “19 games” against every opponent division for a total of “76 games”. There 6 or 7 games against each opponent team from other 2 division in the league for a sum of 66 games. All baseball teams were scheduled to play a 20 interleague baseball games the entire season.

The 2015 interleague matchup is NL East vs. AL East, NL Central vs. AL Central, and NL West and AL West. Since natural rivalry matchup is part of the 3 years divisional rotation, interleague game schedule format is quite different from the previous years. The twenty interleague games allow each baseball team to play a two three game series: one home and one away against natural rival which totals of 5 games. The two game series against one another for 2 other opponent will have a total of 8 games where one matchup will take place back to back within that same week; and single three game series one: one home and one away will have a total of 6 games.

During final day of the regular season, expect that all games are set to start at 3:00 pm simultaneously. The “Eastern Time” is the reminiscent of last day English Premier League Survival Sunday scheduling. The MLB anticipates that it can add drama and excitement during final day and limit the ability of the team to “rest starters” during the last minute according to early game result.

Baseball Uniform Wholesale Changes

The “New York Mets” changed their home-jersey from “cream shade” to “white” and took away home-white alternate jersey. On the other hand, “Minnesota Twins” also took away their pinstripes out of their home-jersey and added gold trim on Twins wordmark. They also added a hat to highlight their Twin Cities logo that comes in gold. The “Pittsburgh Pirates” also introduced new camouflage alternate-jersey to give honor to United States Military. This will only be used during all their Thursday home-games. This also comes with a new camo style hat with black Pittsburgh and black bill logo.

In addition, the “Seattle Mariners” also added alternate cream-color jersey with yellow and blue, this is the original color other their team from 1977 to 1992. There is an alternate light-blue hat that comes with gold Seattle logo that uniquely accompanies their uniform. The “San Francisco Giants” also added alternate black-jersey that features new alternate logo which depicts Golden Gate Bridge. Lastly, the “Cleveland Indians” darkened their navy blue shade both in jerseys and caps.